People drive your processes and technologies. Your organizational success starts from your decision to hire the best people. Your success gets on overdrive when you choose to correctly train them.

Together with our partners, we train and certify you or your people on your choice training programmes. We are limitless on what training or certification we can provide. Our proven processes ensure that we are able to, in record time, assemble a cast of all required resources for impactful trainings and certifications.

Working with your budget and expectation, we work from our growing database of carefully profiled experts or faculty to bring you world-class virtual or physical trainings, aided by well-researched and presented study materials.

Our services can be deployed through any of:

  • Scheduled Trainings as available on our Annual Training Calendar;
  • Bespoke Training Services to you or your organisation on your select training and certification requirements; and
  • Academies - whether those we run for ourselves or those you require us to run for you.

AFS for Non-Accounting Executives