First Aid in the Workplace

Hello there It is almost the end of the first half of the year, and I believe you have been going for your goals actively. It is a great time to have an appraisal on yourself to assess your set goals and plans. Well, even if you have not done that, it is not too […]

Improving your Memory for More Productivity

Hi there Memory loss is quite prevalent in the work place and this could be caused by a number of reasons which could range from poor sleep habits, poor nutrition habits or age among many other factors. Recently, I have caught myself having to repeat things to myself to ensure I don’t forget. Everyone has […]

Productivity Wednesday – Security

Hi there I trust you have had a beautiful week so far and have been keeping safe both for the prevailing insecurity challenges and following the non-medical protocols for the Covid-19 virus. Yes! The Covid-19 virus still very much present and deadly even though a lot of us have let our guards down, the basic […]

Time Management While Working Remotely

Hi there It is often said, “the key is not in spending time but in investing it.” A lot of us use both spend and invest interchangeably with time, having them to mean the same thing. Well, spending time and investing time are two different things; think of time here as money. When you spend […]

Productivity Wednesday

Hi there An African adage says, “praise sharpens the machete of the labourer”. It is often easier to spot errors in a multitude of all that could have gone right. One error easily cancels out every effort one has put in in delivering tasks and this is quite prevalent in workplaces and makes employees feel […]

Productivity Amidst Security Threats

A friend of mine recently shared a story of a nasty experience she had on her way from work few weeks ago. Her office had been working on a project and as the deadline to deliver on the project approached, everyone had to work double time and often times way beyond closing hours. On that […]

Learn, and keep on learning!

Hi there It is often said that when you stop learning, you start dying; meaning there is a connection between living and learning. Growth comes from learning and hence the reason for that common adage about learning and living. We started the second quarter of the year some 3 weeks back and I am sure […]

Effective Financial Decision: which way?

Aminat looked pensive as she had spent most of her productive hours looking at the Audited Financial Statement the auditors had just brought to make meaning of it as the company’s secretary. Aminat worked for a multinational organization that needed to make a huge investment in a new and bolstering sector of the economy, but […]