Hi there,

Thank you for doing this with me from the beginning of the year till now and welcome to the month of December. Personally, I think December is one month a lot of people are the happiest and most frisky about; I guess back of the holidays. When we get to see family, work activities are almost at a halt for many organization; or it could just be the Christmas lights and decorations everywhere  that sets the tone for holiday that relaxes us and take us to cloud nine. We’ll, no matter your reason, I do hope you have the most amazing December.

As we know, the end of the year is a period when most of us take stock of all that has happened in our lives. You take these stock either by conducting a SWOT analysis, taking tests or going back to our goals we set at the beginning of the year and match those with our current realities. Whether the results turn our the way we envisaged or not or more than we envisaged, it is what we do with the information that really counts. However the results turn out, it should really be fuel to drive us for more. It is okay to be grateful for how far you have come, but you got to be to avoid the trap of complacency and mediocrity. Also, if you didn’t like the outcome of the result, be careful not to be blinded by all that didn’t work out and fall into the trap of ingratitude and comparison; these hurt more actually.

Take the time to note trends and patterns, factors that contributed to your results or that deterred you from achieving. Time for self reflection is not a time to get a chip on your shoulder, having achieved so much nor a time to fall into sadness because we couldn’t meet up. Always remember, the competition is about being a better person than the person from yesterday and not the not the person next to you.

Welcome to self reflection!!!

Until I come your way again, stay safe, and work smart and not just hard.



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