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Although few people like to admit it, we all do it. We influence others to some degree or another in our daily lives. Whether it’s how we dress, how we speak and act, or even how we interact with the people around us, we all exert a form of influence on those around us. It’s just a fact of life: Humans are social creatures, and we rely on each other to function in society.

There are three main things that can be used to influence others: beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Today’s  article will explore each in-depth, examining how our mindsets have helped others as well as ourselves.

  • Beliefs

Beliefs are the foundation from which all other actions emanate. Our beliefs can influence others. We may think that an idea has value and is true, but if we express it in a way that is not credible, then others will not want to hear it. The same goes for our actions. If we express our views in a way that others do not believe, then they will be less likely to accept them. But if we express them in a way that others do believe, then they will be more likely to take action based on those beliefs. The art of influencing others is knowing how to frame your ideas so that they are credible and believable by the people you wish to influence.

  • Attitudes

In order to influence someone else, it’s important that your attitude be positive and encouraging towards them. You must also be willing to acknowledge their feelings and thoughts without judgment or criticism so that they feel understood rather than judged.

  • Behaviours

The most effective way to influence someone else is by demonstrating your own behaviors in a way that shows them how what you’re saying applies directly to them personally — for example, if someone were talking about a problem with the way their boss treated them at work, then showing them how what they were saying applies to them personally could help them feel understood and cared for.


We are influenced by many things in our daily lives. These influences can be positive or negative, but the most important influence is self-influence. We have control over how we think and feel, and given enough time, we can learn to master this power.

Once you have identified your core values and beliefs, think about which actions will help them become a reality for others around you. This can be as simple as sharing an article about a topic that interests you with someone who might benefit from it or volunteering your time at an organization that supports the causes that matter most to you.

Understanding your own motivations is crucial because it allows us to move forward knowing what needs to happen for success in our lives. It also helps us appreciate the value of other people’s lives by realizing how much they contribute to our own success every day through their actions and words. By taking this approach toward life, we can find ways to inspire others.

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