The 5th of October, 2020 was maybe one of those regular days to many people but Lizzy, it was the day her journey with Taxaide Group commenced. I woke with excitement and a bit of skeptical as to what the future of working there would be like, In a year where many had lost their jobs or faced a pay slash because of the outbreak of the corona virus and was just recovering, I was resuming a new role and job and couldn’t have been more grateful and excited.

Taking the role of a Sales and Business Development executive came with its own challenges and I was ready to face them squarely. Prior to my resumption, I had just attended a “Personal Branding” conference and gained a lot of information but the one that sank with me the most considering my career was “the 90-Day Plan Principle” for  success in any area especially career by Mofoluwaso Ilevbare. I was ready to plunge in and hit the ground running. The story was different as the resumed was at the peak of the EndSars protest and businesses that were picking up were back to been grounded.

My career journey has been one laced with fun, laughter, tears and on top of it all learning points. I have been privileged to work in a number of roles and teams and that would seem like a lack of direction and maybe even structure. Well, as those may seem to be obvious, it would be totally wrong  out of place to not mention the tremendous growth and learning that came along. Experiences ranging from; learning to work in teams and appreciating and complimenting each other’s strength and weaknesses, gaining new knowledge in new fields, self-discovery in other areas of strengths and abilities and building expertise in my chosen path. These experiences I have gained in 2 years in one place attributed to my ability to diversify and adapt and these are very important skills in a fast-evolving world. Because as we know, we can’t stand in the way of change; you either grow (change) or you will be outgrown and kicked out.  

As it is a well known fact, no life’s journey is a smooth ride and neither has my journey here been without its hiccups, high points, low points, days when I really question my decision and want to leave and other days when I am full of energy and bursting forth with positive vibes but in all, I am grateful for the experience of two years and the opportunity work in a fast paced environment with some of the smartest minds in what we do. Your job may not be all you expect it to be now, but don’t stop learning and building your network. Your next opportunity is lurking!!



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