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In the course of the past few weeks, we have discussed on Work-Life Balance from some unusual angles. Today won’t be any different as we will be discussing other ways of managing work and creating more time for yourself and loved ones. Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday article.

I believe we should have come across words Job Sharing and/or Flexi Time in productivity articles or workplace related articles especially post Covid-19 era. Job Sharing can be said to be a work arrangement where two employees have been given two duties in a proper full-time position that makes their a very effective way for proper business and to accommodate the unconventional schedules.  In other words, job sharing means working on part time or reduced time basis to work a role that one person would normally do. Flexi time on the other hand means, working a schedule that allows the employee to choose when to start and end their workday, and /or how long to take their break for within the agreed limits set by management.

The world is changing, and traditional work system is also evolving, especially now that it seems like work and life are looking inseparable. Approaches such as Flexi Time and Job-Sharing help to create some room to live without bringing work into it. Major differences between both include:

  1. Job sharing requires 2 or more people to share the day’s work while flexi time requires just one person.
  2. In Job-Sharing, you don’t always decide when you want to work while in Flexi Time you choose your hours. For example. A nocturnal person with productivity at night, can choose to work between 11:00p.m to 7:00a.m and will not have need to work during the day anymore.
  3. Job-Sharing creates room for job shadowing and growth and an avoidance of a keyman risk, while flexi time doesn’t necessarily give room for job shadowing and learning on the job especially for remote workers.
  4. Rush hours and burnout can be avoided when working with Flexi time while Job Sharing doesn’t allow you the luxury of always avoiding rush hours and burnout.

These methods of working help us embrace work-Life Balance better instead of infusing work to living and vice versa. Speak to your management on what works for you to increase your productivity and engage in other activities that contribute to your life and growth other than work.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



Flexitime, sometimes also called flextime, is a working schedule which allows employees to choose when to start and end their workday, and/or how long to take their break for, within agreed limits set by management. It’s one of the key ways to increase work flexibility and attractiveness of a workplace     

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