Hi there,

Wow!!! It is already the sixth month of the year and I guess it safe for me to say, “how time flies.” I can remember just like yesterday when we were wishing ourselves Happy New Year but today, we have gone 152 days out of 365 days. Well, normally I would come with all the vibe to keep pressing to achieve your goals and conversations like that, but this time, I am coming with a different word. It is BREAK TIME!!! Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday article and the month of June. I hope this month brings us good tidings and lots of laughter.

In the recent past, we have heard words and phrases like; Work-Life Balance, Work-Life Integration and other related words. Somehow, we have found a way to merge work with life or do life whilst working, and as much as that is good and manageable, there is still a need to create time to live life especially with loved ones and create memories. The sad truth is you won’t have these people forever but the memories you create with them, you will have and cherish for a really long time.

I want to believe you have seen a lot of articles on Work-Life Balance or Integration but this is going to take a little twist as we discuss the same topic all through this month of June. I find this topic important at this because we have spent tome chasing our dreams and driving towards achieving our set goals for the year without stopping to smell the coffee and appreciate the ones who love us and support us outside of work or activities that cause us to take our eyes off our laptop screens and consciously breathing the air around us

As you seek to self develop , increase value and income and every other thing that you get to do, realize this one thing, “WORK WON’T LOVE YOU BACK!” Take time this month to chill 😎 😉😉.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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