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I heard Harry Hart tell Eggsy in Kingsman: The Secret Service, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility in being superior to your former self”, this goes to say that personal development is not a fit to be better or prove to be better than another person but a journey to be better than who you were yesterday in every area. Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday.

We started a discussion on becoming a better version of you by taking practical steps and the benefits of personal development. Our focus on the conversation today is setting goals for personal development because as it is often said, “when the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” When you don’t have expectations when venturing into personal development activities, you can get the lost out of it and that will be a waste of time. No matter the area you are seeking to develop personally, here are some of how to set goals to achieve success in your personal development journey:

1.      Identify Where You are Limiting Yourself: Point out an area where you are self-sabotaging as a lot of people are guilty about this without realizing it. Identifying areas where you are self-sabotaging is a step in the right direction and would enable you to focus and be intentional on the materials to consume and the steps to take.

2.      Learn What Is Important to You: There are chances you could get distracted by exposing yourself to a couple of materials and get into areas that do not exactly concern the area you seek t develop. Stay focused on the areas that you want to grow and any other areas that interest you can then come up later.

3.      Use Your Time Wisely: Time management is an important goal in itself. When you manage your time wisely, you have more energy and a far greater ability to pursue other things. Time management enables you to maximize time spent in activities that feed you, motivate you, and help you develop yourself.

4.      Be Around People with Like Personalities: Have a friend who is farther along on the path you hope to voyage. Let these people be your role models, accountability partners, and support system. You can exactly make it through this journey of personal development traveling alone. Using the momentum of a person or a group can really help you achieve success.

Setting goals for your personal development can be an effective way to grow intellectually and emotionally. Growing intellectually includes taking courses, especially in emerging knowledge areas; I especially invite you to be part of our Data Protection Training for the second quarter of the year happening in June. You can visit www.ndpacademy to get more information and register for the courses. Or you can send an email to e.mbahon@21search.ng or call 08107017274. Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart, and not just hard.



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