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Welcome to the month of April and I trust you have been having a swell time in this quarter and this month. As usual, Productivity Wednesday always seeks to push us to action and encourage us to be our best as well as stoking our fire of positivity in order to achieve all we have set our minds to do or outlined as goals for the year. This month is no different; do you feel like the year is already far spent and you are feeling tempted to push your goals to the end of the year or even 2023? Holla, come back to 2022, and do not be discouraged. The best time to commence an action or to try again is now! Reject the urge to procrastinate or give up.

That being said, I thought to wrap up the subject of Mentoring last week with the month of March, but I figured that there was a mentoring lookalike that I would like us to discuss. This is something we see happen in the informal system of learning but can also be applied in the formal sector, as a matter of fact, a few organizations even apply this system of mentoring in their workplaces.

I am sure you have gone to shops or markets around you and have noticed young boys and sometimes girls in stores assisting the owner of the shop and most times, these engagements have a duration which they are intended to last. At the end of the period, the boy or girl is “settled” as they are believed to have learnt the trade, built their network and even customer base, such that they can successfully stand on their own with little to no supervision required. In the formal sector or in workplaces, we refer to this close teaching and learning process as “Job Shadowing.”

Job shadowing can be defined as a practical way of learning about a particular job and what it involves; more like an “on-the-job” training where an employee learns from a more experienced colleague by following them and observing them. Following an experienced professional doing the job provides an eye-opening experience as such giving the learner a 3600 view of all that the job role requires and all that is involved. Job shadowing provides a learner with ample knowledge of both the required soft and hard skills as you ask questions directly and develop a better relationship with the colleague you are working with. Job shadowing is a fantastic way of ensuring continuity of a business, helps interns learn new skills as well as gain an understanding of the industry and the position. Job shadowing also helps the intern to decide whether or not to pursue a career and build the required hard and soft skills. It is also a great way of networking within the industry you work in or are interested in working in.

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Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart, and not just hard. Happy April.



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