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Wow!!! It is the last Wednesday of the month of March and the first quarter of the year. How time flies! As I would always ask, how have you done with your set goals for the year? Have you been considering limitations and obstacles, or have you made efforts even in the face of challenges to attain success in the goals you have set for yourself? Whatever choice you have made so far, have defined the results you have got as far as the year has come.  Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday article.

Over the course of the past weeks, we have been discussing mentoring and today we will wrap up the subject. Plutarch once said, “the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but a wood that needs igniting.” This may sound contrary or somewhat unrelated to the subject of mentoring, but one thing to bear in mind about a mentorship programme is that mentoring is like an abrasive material that sharpens your mind to reveal the excellence we already bear. If you have ever seen a carpenter use sandpaper (an example of an abrasive) to smoothen the surface of a wood, you will certainly understand that the wood isn’t exactly having a “time of its life.” Relating that experience to mentoring, as great as a mentoring programme is and the awesome expected outcomes, the process will only flow smoothly with effective communication.

A mentor needs to ask the right questions to the mentee for the objectives of the programme to be achieved. When the right questions are not asked or communication is not clear, the mentorship programme can literally go off track. Below are some tips to help get a mentoring programme back on track:

1.        Make Big Talk: Basically, ask questions that will get your mentee to tell a story; depending on what the mentoring programme is about. You can get your mentee to tell a story about their career journey to date if the mentorship is in the workplace or focused on career growth.

2.      Mentees can ask their mentor for advice on a problem that they are currently experiencing at work. Questions such as making a final decision on which career path to tow especially when dealing with different career interests.

3.       Ask your mentor: “How do you think others perceive me?” Get more specific, so your mentor can provide detailed feedback on how your actions and communication are impacting the way others see you.

4.      Is there a skill you are currently working to enhance such as Project Management, Long-Term Strategic Planning, Delegating, and Public Speaking? Think about your responses to questions like these to ask your mentor for advice and resources to help you polish that skill. For example, why not ask, can we role-play asking for a raise and a promotion?” or “Can you recommend a book or resource for dealing with difficult conversations?”

In summary, the fundamental qualities for any form of mentorship expected from both parties is Clarity, Communication, and Commitment. As we go further into the year, make the most of the human resources that you have around you and engage mentors because if you are going to go further than the people ahead of you, you can only do so by standing on the shoulders of those who have been there.

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Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart, and not just hard. Happy New Month and a new quarter in advance,



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