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Welcome to the month of March. Wow!!! We are already in the third month of the year and the last month of the first quarter. I am sure you were all fired up for achieving your goals for the year when 2022 just began; well, how far? Or should I say, “how market?” 😁 Don’t feel bad if the fire has gone down or a few snags that you have encountered have drained you of zest and determination to push toward achieving your goals. Stoke the fire again by engaging the right relationships that would fuel than flame again.

Relationships are essential needs for human existence and this month of March, we will discuss one very important relationship in the workplace. Please welcome “Mentoring” as our subject of discussion all through the month of March. I am sure this is not the first time you will be coming across the word “Mentor” or “Mentoring”, but it would be a great place to start by defining what mentoring in the workplace is.

Mentoring in the workplace is a relationship established between colleagues for the purposes of learning and growth. This is more like a partnership enacted to help develop one party or each other by leveraging on strengths and experiences. Mentoring can also be said to be a collaborative relationship between two or more individuals that lead to insights, decisions, planning and action, which leads to personal and professional development. The place and need for mentoring in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. Research show that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs which leads to about 94% of their employee’s retention as they are presented with an opportunity to learn and grow in their careers. Besides the low employee turnover that come about as benefit of mentoring; below are other benefits of mentoring:

  • Mentoring builds self-confidence in both mentors and mentees
  • It improves the self-awareness of both parties and individuals involved.
  •  Mentoring programs improve job satisfaction.
  • Mentoring also increases loyalty to the organization.
  • It also improves communication skills.

As it is often said, “if you want to go further than those who have gone ahead you, ride on their wings.” With the high level of exit of employees from organizations toward the end of 2021, mentoring programs is on way to help retain talents within an organization. 21Search can you help design mentoring programs and events for all levels within an organization. Kindly send us an email on e.mbahon@21search.ng to get a quote or call 08107017274 to get more information.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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