Team cohesion is the solidity and degree of interpersonal connection existing among the members of a group. Team cohesion happens when a team remains united while working to achieve a common goal, a cohesive team is not just about meeting the goal, but about everyone feeling like they have contributed to the overall success of the group.

Constituents of Team Cohesion

Team cohesion is a multilayered process that is constituted by four main aspects: multidimensionality, instrumental basis, dynamic, and emotional nature.

Multidimensionality is related to all the different factors that make the group members function as one. The dynamic nature means that the team goals and objectives change over time. Its instrumental foundation is concerned with how members are committed to one purpose while the emotional dimension refers to some of the perks that members get by remaining cohesive

Strategies to develop Team Cohesion

So, how can team cohesion be improved, since studies have revealed it increases productivity.

You need to be intentional about hiring.

Individual employee strengths and weaknesses cascade into teams, thereby improving or degrading team cohesion. The hiring manager always must bear this in mind when recruiting leaders to join the organization.

The contribution made by every team member should be valued, even when they don’t exactly make sense to the subject. Never make jest of any team member’s ideas as this will deplete the employee’s self-esteem and limit the employee’s contribution in the future.  

Empower team members.

Projects should be broken down and delegated to team members so must increase interaction and knowledge sharing. This also helps individuals to develop a sense of ownership which contributes to the overall success of the project and the team.

Conflict Resolution

All teams would experience their own unique challenges, but they must not go unresolved. Challenges no matter how little should not be trivialized. Typically, the team should seek to resolve matters internally and when that is not achievable, they could employ a third party or a manager to resolve help.

No member of the team should be having to accept any idea because they are afraid of disrupting the team’s unity.

Team cohesiveness can be achieved by employees with similarities of attitudes and values, a sizeable number of individuals that make up a team, and the dedication of each team member to teamwork. 21Search provides training to help team bonding and building, kindly send an email to or call 08107017274 to get a quote.

Until I come your way again stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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