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Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday Article. I trust you have been drawing insight and realigning your goals and methods for 2022. Like I mentioned last week, when we stop learning, we start dying. Learning improves our efficiency in both our personal and professional spaces and taking learning unserious, is taking growth unserious and embracing redundance.

Last week, we had a conversation on Soft Skills learning and I believe the message was delivered. Incase you missed that insightful article, kindly click HERE to enjoy. We will continue the conversation this week and delve into Hard Skills.  

Hard Skills are skills that are acquired through practice, education and continuous repetition. In simple words, these are skills you acquired by the disciplined you enrolled in the university, college, online course or professional bodies to learn without or without the intention of building a career in that path field. In the article on soft skills, I mentioned how important soft skills have become and have literally taken over employability discussions in recent times, but it is worthy to note that hard skills are the first attraction point to a recruiter. For example, in job ads, qualifications are usually stated first before other skills required in being a perfect fit for the role. This only points to the fact that hard skills prove proficiency in complex tasks and are backed up with a certificate. The rules of engagement with hard skills are often mostly the same in every industry and can be measured. Possessing hard skills demonstrate one’s ability to successfully perform their jobs, fulfill their responsibilities and help to prevent catastrophe.

A study by LinkedIn 57% of employers value soft skills over hard skills but note that hard skills are attract you to your potential employers. Just like the popular African adage that says, “beauty can take you to the palace but it is character that keeps you there.” As you get proficient in your chosen field of endeavour, remember to develop soft skills, because just as beauty in the adage stated before, they would determine how fast you would grow in your career. If you are considering to brush your hard skills or take a course in a soft skill, 21Search is a reputable training organization that provides both bespoke and general training; virtually or physically. You can send an email to e.mbahon@21search.ng to get a quote or call 08107017274.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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