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It is already mid-week in the second week of the year. Is it just me or this January is faster than the “Januarys” of the past that come with different versions? Well, let me have your thoughts about this year’s January in the comment section below.

Last week, we begun discussion on Learning and Development, as it is a necessity for the time. It is often said that “when you stop learning, you start dying.” Learning is a very integral part of human existence and for every new height you seek to attain, summarily, we can say learning is growing. I guess you now understand why the topic up for discussion is pertinent at this time. We started a discussion on learning and development and some skills you can look at acquiring this year. Skills like Communication, Decision Making, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving and Leadership are some of the courses I mentioned as areas to focus on to boost employability chances in 2022. Courses such as these are referred to as Soft Skills.

In recent times, soft skills have taken the center stage in employability discussions at various levels, and this shows that competency in area of specialization (Hard Skill) is incomplete without efficiency in soft skills. Soft skills are essential part of improving on one’s career and have a positive influence on career advancement. Soft skills are also known as “People Skills” because they make human interaction and relationship management with colleagues, prospects, and clients. Soft skills help in client attraction, engagement and retention as well as relating with colleagues and influencing others. The importance of soft skills cannot be overemphasized and as such have become a necessity in thriving in the business world. No matter how competent you are in your area of specialization, a flaw in soft skills can cost your business a great deal.

This year, as you seek to attain greater heights or looking to venture in a career path; consider trainings in decision making, problem solving, emotional intelligence and so on to pique the interest of your current and future employers. You can reach out to us via e.mbahon@21search.ng or 08107017274 to get a quote for trainings such as these and more.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and mot just hard.



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