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Woo-hoo!!! Welcome to the year 2022 and a very warm New Year greeting from me to you. I trust the year has been coming along just fine. I know you have taken notes of goals especially after reading our last piece of the year 2021. Well, if you say you penned yours mentally, then I am here to announce to you that you are wishing and not being intentional about your goals. It is not too late to note the milestones you intend to achieve. Also, remember it is not just enough to write down goals because I have realized that most times, our intentionality takes us from thinking to talking and writing and by the time we get to execution, we have lost steam. I urge to go for it; take steps, no matter how little or even if you fail, have it at the back of your mind that you have learnt one way not to go about that endeavour anymore.

On the 1st of January 2022, I called a friend and I heard sounds from a screen, and I enquired and the response I got was, “I am taking a course.” Wow… “Amazing, you didn’t waste no time at all”, I responded. I felt charged and infected by that energy, my friend has goals on growth and areas of focus and has hit the ground running in the year. Just like my friend, I believe we all came into the year with goals either written physically or processed mentally and one of those goals is learning; either to sharpen your existing skills, learn new skills or improve your professionalism in your chosen career path.

Whatever you intend to achieve with your learning and development goal, have one question at the back of your mind, “how relevant will this be in the near future?” “Is it positioning me for the ball or am I improving myself to chase after the ball with the multitude?” There was a time where coding and machine learning were strange to us and those who engaged in learning at the time looked like time wasters but today, they are sought after. What would you want to learn today? Let me share some courses that you might just be interested in learning and who boost your employability in this year as I searched the internet. I found the following courses as some of the most essential job skill for success in 2022:

  1. Decision Making: Ability to assess information efficiently and make the right decision
  2. Problem Solving: Determining why an issue is happening and how to solve
  3. Leadership: Discovering how decisions and actions affect the bottom line
  4. Project Management: Ability to manage time and schedules working on-site or remotely.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: Ability to understand and use their own emotions positively
  6. Communication: Being friendly, confident, and respectful in the workplace.  

Over the course of weeks, we would delve into discussing them individually. While you are considering investing in self-development and learning, kindly reach out to 21Search to provide all your training needs, whether hard skills or soft skills. Send us an email to: e.mbahon@21search.ng or call 08107017274 to get a quote. Have a most beautiful 2022.

Until I come your way again, keep staying safe, work smart and not just hard.



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