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I trust you are doing good and having a great makeover session, going by the two articles that have gone ahead of this one. I hope you have had a sit down and a conversation with the person in the mirror. Just like I quoted T.D Jakes last week, reflection takes us away from the norm to the new; it births somethings priceless that causes us to grow,

One of the areas that you should make a shift in to see a better outcome in future is the mind. As it is often said, “whatever you win in the mind, you have won even in reality and whatever you lose in the mind, you have also lost in reality.” A mindset makeover brings you to a place of taming your fears by challenging self-doubt, condemnation and negativity; learning from your mistakes without letting them define you but rather refine you and unleash your true potentials.

I am sure the question on your mind would be how to go about a mindset makeover; well, let me take you through a few steps to achieve that below:  

  1. Take a trip away from all the things you ever wanted to do but didn’t and still regret and start taking actions on your current dreams. All there is to get in the place of regret is pain and realizing how much time you lost not taking action; decrease that time today by leaving that destination of regrets and start taking the path to making the most of the time you now have,
  2. Learn to say No without feeling guilty: this has actually kept a lot of us stuck in situations and places we don’t want to be in right now. Sometimes, putting your choices and decisions first is self-love and not being selfish.  Train your mind not over analyze discussions that you have had just because you said no to another party.
  3. Choose your mood and don’t go through each day being a reactor to every other person’s mood and decisions. Own your mind’s space and guard it jealously.
  4. Listen More: There is a huge difference between hearing and listening. Listening gets you to understand the information, process it properly and make informed decision. When you are listening, the aim is not just to provide a response.

Growth is a cake that we all want a piece of but if we are not intentional about the actions we take, then we might just be diminishing. As you make plans for advancement in every area of yourself for the oncoming year, you need a mind shift. Be intentional about your mindset because you can only attract what you have in your mind. What better way to have mind makeover than access to quality information and training and 21Search got you covered for all your training needs. Kindly send an email to e.mbahon@21search.ng to get a quote or call 08107017274.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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