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Welcome to the last month in the year 2022. Wow!! It is the last month in the year 2021 and it is a nostalgic feeling, because it looks like we only started the year a few weeks back. Well, this is the time of the year for conversations about reflection, planning and strategy.

Organizations are made up of people and no matter strategy the management of organizations come up with, the smooth running of these strategies is dependent on the efficiency of the individuals that make up each team of every unit of the organization. Therefore, as organizations are having their makeover, you too, as an individual, need a makeover; it is time to reflect, strategize and plan.

A makeover is a complete transformation of the appearance of someone or something. Most times, when the word “Makeover” comes up in a conversation, it is about a lady getting her facial appearance altered one way or another or a property getting a fresh look but, in this case, the makeover here is inwards, directed at our mindset that in turn affect the outward which is our attitude towards efficiency. The mind is a powerful tool such that the belief you hold of a thing in your mind influences how much you commit and your result from such thing.

Mindset makeover is giving a fresh look to how you see and handle challenges, plan, face fears, approach, and deal with change and over the course of the coming weeks, we will deal with one subject at a time. Mark your calendars because it is Makeover O’clock.

Remember that as you have your makeover, include trainings as part of the products needed to give your 2022 a facelift. 21Search is a registered and ISO certified manpower organization that provides recruitment, outsourcing and training services. Kindly send an email to e.mbahon@21Search.ng or call 08107017274 to get a quote and keep tabs on our website to be the first to see the exciting and educating trainings we brining your way come 2022.

The fourth wave of the Corona virus is spreading and appears to be a deadlier variant than the easier variants – so, as always; please stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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