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Have you ever been to a store to make a purchase or access a service either as a one time event or a store that you have frequently visited and one day you just make up your mind that you were either not going to ever patronize them again or you are so pleased that you consciously or unconsciously make a mental list of how often you would return and your friends and family you would be referring to the store? Well, if you have had this experience, that was a “Moment of Truth!” Most times, these moments of truth are more because of service more than lower prices of commodities or services.

Moment of Truth is that point during an interaction which the customer could form a positive or negative impression about a company through its service. Moment of truth can either be positive or negative and can be the deciding fate of a business. When a moment of truth is positive, it is called a Moment of Magic and when a moment of truth is negative, it is a Moment of Misery. I am sure you would wonder when a Moment of Truth is communicated and decided in dealing with a customer. Moment of Truths are decided when:

  • The customer is respected
  • The customer is understood
  • The customer is treated genuinely well

These lay the foundation of Quality Service.

No business sets out to mistreat its customers and clients and some of these issues can arise unconsciously. But whether consciously or unconsciously done, the action or inaction decides the loyalty or disloyalty and the longevity of the customer to your brand. Customer’s loyalty can only be secured when the Moments of Magic exceed the Moments of Misery. The Moment of Magic can be achieved and amplified when:

  • Customers are treated with empathy.
  • Customers are listened to without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Seeking for a solution to a customer’s complaints and not quoting company’s policy
  • Showing enthusiasm and eagerness in responding to a customer.
  • By reverting promptly and as promised.

Meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations leads to your customers’ delight and a happy customer becomes an unpaid brand ambassador who is happily selling your brand while a dissatisfied customer will not only stop patronizing your business but would dissuade others from patronizing your business. 21Search is an ISO certified training institution that seeks to improve employees’ capacity and competencies by providing cutting edge and sterling trainings on periodic or quarterly basis and can be done physically and virtually, depending on your preference. Kindly send an email to e.mbahon@21Search.ng or call 08063071934 today to get a quote.

Until I come your way again, enjoy the rest of the month and have a blissful November ahead. Stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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