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Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday. I trust the month of October is panning out well and as it a custom for many institutions and organizations to plan for the forth coming year in October, I hope as an individual or organization you are also primping the pump and setting plans in motion for a beautiful 2022. A self-reflection and appraisal will go a long way in setting the tone for goal setting and planning of 2021.

Well, that being said, let’s delve into our discussion for today. Throughout last week, globally, Customer Service week was celebrated, and we had an interesting conversation about how one person’s actions or inactions can cost an organization loss from poor service. If you missed that discussion, kindly click HERE to catch up. Little wonder why it is a global event because of its significance to the sustainability of businesses. As I mentioned last week, “happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.” No sales team has greater success than happy and satisfied clients and customers.

One of the things to note is, customer service just as security is everybody’s business and not just a unit or department. If customer service is everybody’s business, then how best can we all provide the best service to our clients or customers to keep them returning? Here are some skills to keep our customers returning:

  1. Know your Customers: Often we tend to limit our interactions with our clients and customers and remain all official and business minded. That is not a bad idea but how about going the extra mile of being friendly, even if it just means asking a friendly, “how are you doing today?” “It is so good to have you in our organization today.” I know we are full of skepticism about being too forward or familiar and the customer might take it the wrong way, but there is no harm in trying, you just might be winning the next biggest client for your organization with that gesture. Reaching out to your clients with goodwill messages for their birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event of their lives goes a long way to endear you and your organization to the clients. Knowing your customers will also help you develop better strategies to deliver excellent services to your customers.
  •  Listen to your Customer: Be patient and attentive in listening; don’t listen mindlessly. Be sure to pick the details and show concern to their complaints. Whether the customer is physical or over the phone, they can tell your attentiveness and attention to details even via emails. No matter how you feel, never let your negative emotions rub off on your interactions with your clients.
  • Prompt Response to Customers’ Queries: Be responsive to emails, phone calls and physical presence of customers. If you won’t be attending to them immediately, do well to inform them with a sincere timing as to when you would come back to them with a response and keep to the time. Never get grumpy with a client just because you have a lot of tasks to deliver in.
  • Seek your Customers’ Feedback: This shows you are deeply concerned about your customers’ satisfaction. You can carryout surveys via telephone calls or feedback forms sent via emails. Other than surveys, you can also establish a complaint system, which will better enable your customers to raise their issues. This will let you know all about their good, bad, and ugly experiences when interacting with your organization. Through this, you gain real insights into what you are doing well, and which areas require improvement.

Deploying strategies to boost sales and revenue generation for your organization will double the success record with great customer service exhibited by all employees. Poor customer service shouldn’t be tolerated from any unit just because they are backend staff or do not have direct interactions with customers, but one sloppy interaction can be costly to your organization. Customers will always consider great customer service above price slashes or low prices.

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Until I come your way again. Stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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