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Let’s open this week with a quote by Bram Stoker, “we learn of great things by little experiences.” Welcome to another Productivity Wednesday and I trust you have had a great week so far.

Last week, GB built on the subject of experience by laying emphasis on what level of experience is relevant or irrelevant to a job role as we have read and heard from different recruiters. If you missed that article, click HERE to enjoy.

Today, we will take the conversation further, if you read the opening article to this subject, I had a bugging question and opinion which was if experience was built by number of years spent or knowledge garnered. We have seen job adverts ask for some very ridiculous years of experiences and use these measures to adjudge an applicant’s competence. As much as this is a seemingly right thing to do, there is still room for the benefit of doubt. The notion of hitting the ground running in most cases doesn’t apply no matter the years of experience because a new employee will have to understand the structure of the organization and blend in, and this period can be a little shaky. Besides, measures like this inhibit the chances of applicants who can perform on a role from getting the job because they do not have the years of experience. It also leads to falsification of documents to meet up and may even perform shabbily on the job. Sometimes, employers must learn to take a chance on people because that is the only way the experience can be built.

Dear Employer, besides experience, seek to know if an applicant is teachable and ready to learn; create an avenue for new employees to gain experience by giving them a chance. Helmut Schmidt once said, “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Cut employees some slack and be patient with them and watch them grow in that career or on that job. There is this fulfilment and joy that overwhelms us when we see someone whom we have taught and mentored transform into what we expected them to be; allow yourself to feel that joy.

Dear Employee, while desiring that job that you have always looked forward to getting, engage yourself in courses and voluntary activities to prime your pump in that area which you desire to work because employers will first be attracted by what they see on your profile/CV. Make yourself appealing by getting busying; no one wants to engage a lazy mind. As it is said, CV is the evidence of value while your interview/engagement is the proof of your value, so let action indeed confirm and prove that evidence right.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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