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Welcome to the month of September and another edition of Productivity Wednesday. The year 2021 looked like the year where every dream that 2020 stole from us because of the outbreak of the Corona virus all over the world. I hope you have been actively pursuing your goals and dreams considering that life seem to have returned to normal this year. Go back to the goals you wrote and take an inventory of all you have done and achieved and give yourself some credit no matter how you have performed and be encouraged to keep going and winning.

One of the goals most people have from the beginning of the year is to change jobs or positions in our careers, but this change comes with experience. My opinion about experience is knowledge garnered during a period of doing something and not the time spent doing a thing. Time spent doesn’t always equate experience garnered but experience is garnered with time spent intentional in performing task(s). I am not totally disputing the fact that with time comes experience; I am just buttressing the point that a person who is nonchalant about a task but spends time doing it would not necessarily draw knowledge from that event and would not come up with creative ways to get things done.

I am sure you would have seen job ads that ask for certain number of years of experience and an age range and it looks totally ridiculous to you. I have also wondered considering when the average Nigerian graduates from the university after years of bearing with strike actions and other anomalies in the Nigerian educational system. This is a discouraging factor for many seeking employments and encouraging age falsification amongst many other ills that comes with some ridiculous demand from employers. Over the next couple of weeks, we would discuss the topic of experience and employability but for now, I would say; whatever you do, build experience and your network as these two are key to the change that you seek.

Until I come your way again, stay safe and work smart and not hard.



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