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Happy new month and welcome to the last month in the first half of the year. This blog is a driver of productivity and it won’t be out of place to ask that we go back to our goals, take stock and access how far we have come since the year began. While at it, remember not to lose sight of the goal which is growth and development in every area, whether you are pleased with the assessment scores or not pleased, the result should further drive you to achieving your goals. That been said, let’s delve into the conversation of today.

Food is an integral part of life; although, it is not exactly clear how long a person can go without food because of varying factors but research shows that a person can go between 1-2 months without food. As much as food is an important part of living, the process of food production and processing has to be carried out with outmost caution in order not to make the very ingredient of living become poisonous.

ISO 22000 sets out the requirements for a food management system and to be certified in it. This provides the guide for an organization to demonstrate in food production and processing to ensure safety standards are in place. The characteristic of food safety is the absence of food-borne hazards at the point of consumption. These hazards can occur at different stages of the food chain, therefore adequate controls throughout the network are essential. Food safety is ensured through the combined efforts of all the parties participating in the food chain, from feed producers and primary producers to food manufacturers, transport and storage operators and subcontractors, right through to retail and food service outlets. These work together with related organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging materials, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients, as well as service providers.

ISO 22000:2018, Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain, is recognized internationally as the most relevant document supporting the development of a food safety management system (FSMS). The International Standard defines what an organization needs to do in order to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food products are safe for consumption. This enables organizations to deliver food-related products and services with confidence throughout the supply chain.

No matter the level you operate in the food chain industry, the ISO 22000 is for you and 21Search can help you get certified today. Kindly visit www.21search.ng today to get a quote.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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