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I trust you have had a beautiful week so far and have been keeping safe both for the prevailing insecurity challenges and following the non-medical protocols for the Covid-19 virus. Yes! The Covid-19 virus still very much present and deadly even though a lot of us have let our guards down, the basic protocols should still be observed to reduce the risks of getting infected.

Well, speaking about safety, the insecurity level in the country is fast rising and spreading rapidly. Prior to this day, insecurity seemed like a thing that was christened and destined to happen only in the Northern and South-south parts of Nigeria. Issues like robbery and kidnapping were threats that only the rich were targeted but these days everyone is a victim. You might want to think, “I thought this an article that seeks to promote productivity in organizations and other related issues.” Well, the topic of security has become a topic up for discussions on all fronts, you level on the social strata notwithstanding neither does your location exactly matter.

Just today, I read a post on the microblogging platform Twitter, that highlighted some seemingly highbrow areas with a lot of organizations that have seen the increase in criminal activities such as kidnapping and robbery. Both employees and employers are at risk but most especially, the ones who are not mobile. From the article, most of these criminals pose as commuters and move around in unbranded taxis or tinted vehicles or seemingly regular buses but pick their victims who innocently board these vehicles only to fall prey to their evils.

As much as we can’t be too careful, we still need to exercise caution and be sensitive to our instincts. Also, as much as possible, organizations should encourage remote working or endeavour to wind down activities early so employees can set out early to their various locations. Everyone should also arm themselves with self-defense skills and tools and use technology to help others keep tabs on them. For example; sharing live location with a number of people you can trust and who will be alert about your safety.

Different stories have been shared both by direct victims or friends and acquaintances of victims. Some of these victims have had grave experiences including death; caution is of the essence in the prevailing circumstances. As you go about work everyday, make it a point if duty to be security conscious.

Until I come your way again, stay safe and work smart and not just hard.



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