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It is often said that when you stop learning, you start dying; meaning there is a connection between living and learning. Growth comes from learning and hence the reason for that common adage about learning and living. We started the second quarter of the year some 3 weeks back and I am sure you had some goals you had written down with timelines to achieve this year and this include some career goals. Well, one quick question, let’s go over those goals and take stock the ones you have achieved, the one in the works and the one you haven’t commenced at all, where are you with this? Well, looking at the year, you might feel there is still time, or the year has been spent to an extent and either of this will influence your decision. Well, making the decision to enroll in a training or taking practical steps in achieving your goals has to be immediate and now is the right time. Don’t consider the time left in the year as it would cause you to procrastinate or looking at the years spent will course you to fidget and maybe still procrastinate.  In these days where a lot of us work jobs we didn’t exactly study for back in school and only taking courses can bring us up to speed to bridge the gap and prepare and boost us for the role.

No matter your level on the job ladder, learning is a must. If you are yet to get a job, learning is a must for the job you desire because staying without a job and equally not adding any value will make you obsolete, same as an employed individual. The gap between where you currently are and where you want to be is largely dependent on the knowledge you currently have or the knowledge gap that exists. Trainings often stand for experiences gained for certain jobs and selecting trainings have to be in line with the growth you desire, or the career change you desire. Often times, the jobs we currently do come along with some technicalities that we haven’t been exposed to before; either in our educational pursuit or in the experience we have garnered so far in the course of working different jobs and in different places.

Trainings have become easily affordable and available but often times, offer us the basics in a particular field and diving deeper will require more commitment both financially and in time. Some of these courses are not even readily available online except if they are offered by an online school or a physical training organization such as 21Search. 21Search is a training and certification organization that organizes trainings either generally or bespoke as demanded by clients and partnering with seasoned facilitators in a particular field and well-developed modules to deliver trainings.

21Search has yet another training on Audited Financial Statements for Non-Accounting Executives which may Executive Assistants, Legal practitioners, CEOs and so to aid executives who have to deal with this report build capacity and promote efficiency at work. The training seeks to demystify everything around Financial Statements and save funds of having to outsource this service, you can read more of this here. This training is coming up on the 29th and 30th of April 21, 2021 on the zoom platform. Kindly visit afs4nae@21search.ng to get started on this journey.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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