Aminat looked pensive as she had spent most of her productive hours looking at the Audited Financial Statement the auditors had just brought to make meaning of it as the company’s secretary. Aminat worked for a multinational organization that needed to make a huge investment in a new and bolstering sector of the economy, but the company depended on her confirmation of their financial position from the AFS to make the decision. Knowing that a great portion of the future of the company rested on what she knew little or nothing about made her perturbed and edgy.

Isaac had set up his company in 2002 and it was thriving but not performing optimally as he had envisaged. He could tell a thing or two from his financial records and felt they looked good and he believed things would get better on their own. Isaac paid heavily for audits and accounting services and after the auditors had submitted the report to his organization, he could make out just a fair amount of the information that the report contained. The hope he had for the growth of his company depended on his financial decisions which in turn depended on the decisions and conclusions he draws from his Audited Financial Statement.

These scenarios are fictitious, but they represent everyday situations that go on within organizations. The track of growth and investment decisions of organizations depend on the financial position of the company.  Just like the scenarios painted here, employees at different levels are saddled with the responsibility of studying Audited Financial Statements to make a clear decision and ignorance cannot be an excuse. You may not be a company secretary or CEO but having the knowledge of Audited Financial Statement is not for those who serve in that capacity alone. If you are a Legal counsel, Executive Assistant to CEOs, Director, Manager, Business owner, shareholder, investor, financial or a general knowledge enthusiast, then the knowledge of Audited Financial Statements is a must for you.

We understand how challenging and tasking it can be to deliver in a space where you have little or no knowledge and, in this case, Audited Financial Statements and that is why 21Search has put together well detailed and knowledge packed modules and seasoned facilitators who are experts in the Financial Accounting space to deliver a training on the mentioned topic. The benefits of this training span from effectiveness at work to saving the company the cost of always consulting and engaging professional accounting firms to reveal information at every moment you require them from the audited books. The training comes up on the 29th and 30th of April and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can join from any part of the country because it is virtual. To be a part this training, kindly visit to sign up.

Remember, the key to the growth you desire is embedded in the knowledge you choose to acquire. Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.



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