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It’s okay to be different. It is okay to stand out. We have so developed this crowd mentality that daring to be different seem like an insane thing to do. A famous writer once opined saying, “ the world can only be changed by those who are crazy enough to believe that they can”. Attempting to always belong to a fold is like a butterfly that has fully developed but refuses to fly and show it’s beautiful colours just because it wants to remain with the pupas.

Going forward from our discussion last week, we can summarize it in this quote by Christopher Peterson, “all of us are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. No one has it all, and no one lacks it all.” On today’s article we will be discussing some strengths and weaknesses and job roles they are suitable for. We all have come across various personality tests either as a result of curiosity, discussions with friends or job interviews. These tests are just very simple questions, but we just see that they bare ourselves to us; sometimes, we smile seeing the answers provided and even dare to think, “how did this person think anyone would act in this manner?” Well, these tests only reveal our responses to different scenarios and situations and expose to certain extent how effective we will be on a job role.

Let’s examine a few strengths and weakness and the job roles they will match.

  1. Self-Motivated: it is easy to assume that self-motivation is a strength to everyone but trust me, some people have in more measure that others. A typical job role where self-motivation will really come in handy is in a sales role. Research shows that salespeople experience at least five negative feedback before they eventually close a sale.  Salespeople face more “nos” than any other job role and hearing the word no can be quiet demoralizing especially after efforts have been put in to close a sale, only to be turned down. It could seem justifiable to wallow in self pity and talk about how much efforts you put in and keep looking at the closed door, but you have to brace up and remind yourself that there are more positive answers than the negative response or feedback you have just got.
  2. Patience: This could pass as both strength and weakness depending on where and when it is applied. Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. A job as customer service personnel requires a lot of this. Having to deal with a wide variety of customers will make this strength a key player in your life. Remember, patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
  3. Detail-Oriented: Being detail oriented can bring excellence into work as well as lag on tasks and assignments. The job of a legal practitioner requires a lot of this strength that can also double as a weakness. Having to read through a number of books and case files to determine the fate of a charged client requires a lot of focus to grasp every minute information that could come in handy. Medical practitioners also require a lot of this in their space.
  4. Flexibility: This is the ability to adapt to changes quickly. Jobs that bring about transfers from one department to another or location to another require a lot of this. A HR Generalist requires a lot of this skill as well; considering that one day, you oversee learning and development and another day in charge of leave and payroll duties. Flexibility is also a skill that comes with being hardworking, as the saying goes, “hard work leads to more work”.
  5. Empathy: This is another strength that could pass for a weakness. Someone with this skill can feel the emotions of others around and even offer help. But as we know, most times, people with this skill can begin to be manipulate by others except a boundary is laid. A HR personnel, customer service personnel, administrative officer require a lot of this in their corner.

Self-leadership is only born from self-discovery and self-discovery and acceptance is brings understanding of who we are and the kind of jobs that we can apply and perform maximally on. Your true excellence is not shown when you must struggle to succeed; a fish wasn’t created and put in the air for it to struggle to fly, neither was the bird create and put in water for it to take swimming lessons before they are termed successful. Know yourself and define what comes to you naturally and what you are willing to learn and are passionate about. It is passion that makes a job a lifestyle and something you wake up to every morning with a spring in your feet and ready for. Every strength matter and every weakness can be complemented by another person. Just be you.

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