Hello friend.

It is another Wednesday and it indeed gladdens my heart to come your way again. The week has been coloured with lots of valentine’s day gist, gifts in different shapes and sizes and activities. I hope you had fun and had lots of love to give, not just receive.

In our article last week, we mentioned the need to be careful as to how your data is processed as you go about the valentine’s day shenanigans. I hope the platform you placed orders for gifts to yourself and loved ones on were secure before you could receive a call telling you have got a job worth hundreds of thousands, but you just need to pay a “token” to access the job (data breach). Well, this week we will be discussing the benefits of the Data Protection Compliance training. This basically speaks to how compliance increases productivity and boosts chances of getting new jobs in a field that has barely been explored in our country. It is also worthy to note that data security is gaining grounds in many more countries; thereby opening more doors to data security experts.  A data security expert is also known as a Data Protection Officer or DPO for short. Just as a position in the police force, the DPO’s duties have some semblance with the police.

Let’s cut to the chase and get down to the business of today. I will begin by telling you some of the major responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer.

  1. As a DPO, you ensure the adherence to the NDPR.
  2. Ensures adherence to other similar regulations.
  3. Development of privacy policy and updates.
  4. Monitor adherence to data controllers’ directives.
  5. Review compliance of data processors.

Becoming a trained and certified Data Protection Officer opens you up to a world of new opportunities. Some of the benefits of becoming a Data Protection Officer are outlined below:

  • The thought of more money gets us excited even before the money arrives. Research shows that the global average salary of a DPO has increased in view of the need of organizations to retain their services. IAPP estimates the 2019 global annual average salary of a DPO to be $100,000.
  • The NDPR mirrors the GDPR in some ways, hence, becoming NDPR certified avails you the opportunity to get employed in non-resident companies.
  • Privacy rights issues are a major risk flashpoint for organizations. The risk has only now increased in Nigeria with the NDPR.
  • For the legal practitioners, the knowledge of the NDPR expands your knowledge and opens you to modern learning, further boosting your experience in your career and greater opportunities as data subjects are becoming more aware of their rights and litigation cases are on the rise.

We started out the year with goals, dreams, and aspirations, make one of your goals come through by becoming a certified Data Protection Officer. You can register for our training for this first quarter which is slated for February 26 at www.ndpacademy.ng to join an elite group of privacy rights professionals. As the saying goes, data is the new oil and to drill this oil you need knowledge. Do not be left behind. Remember, the people who score the goals, do not necessarily run after the ball, they position for the ball. Take charge and take your position today.

Until I come your way again, stay safe, work smart and not just hard.


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