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I trust you have started the year strong, full of energy and optimism as the New Year has brought us a clean slate to rewrite and re-strategize for all the goals we have outlined and carried over from the previous year. It is the second week of the year and I believe you are still full of energy; energy born from positivity and hopes. This burst of energy if not properly managed with well-outlined goals that have been further broken down into daily smaller tasks, can be dissipated chasing shadows.

As stated in our last article for the year 2020: ‘2021: Transitioning into New Realities’, 2021 will only be the same for you if you don’t take necessary and intentional steps to make it the year where all your dreams come to pass. The work year for 2021 has begun and as usual, you have dreams and goals but how then can you channel this bubbling energy to make the most of 2021?

  1. Write Down Every Idea: The potency of writing cannot be overemphasized. Quoting the words of C.S Lewis, “You can make anything by writing”. Simply put, you have a higher potential of doing anything you have written more than what you have thought about. Whatever idea comes to your mind, pen it down.
  2. Take Note of Your Energy Source: Be deliberate about events, thoughts, people and places that burst energy in you and inspire you to reach for more. Be careful not to tie your source to material things and achievements majorly as your energy level will keep fluctuating and in most cases be low.
  3. Don’t Take Failure to Heart: Like it is often said; “never let failure get into your heart nor let praises get into your head”. When you brood over past events that you didn’t perform as expected, it totally saps your energy and keeps you from giving your best to any endeavor. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick up the lessons and move on as fast as possible. Have it at the back of your mind that failure is also a step to success. Also, failure is only a bend and not an end; it is only failure when you stop trying.
  4. Take Note of What Matters to You: Once you realize the things that matter to you, invest your time and energy doing that thing or engaging that cause. Remember; slow progress is better than no efforts. Energy spent engaging in what matters to you is energy invested.
  5. Plan: Decide with timelines and be a go-getter. Planning helps you to multiply your time as this helps you realize what to eliminate, automate, delegate, or procrastinate. Planning affords you the opportunity to dissipate your energy not only into what is urgent and important but what is significant for now and the future and still urgent and important.

At 21Search, we have a broad range of courses (see here  – https://21search.ng/training-and-certification-2/) to help you make the most of the year by priming you for some of the career goals you hope to achieve. Be deliberate about what is worth your time and energy as sometimes what you invest all your energy doing is not worth it. Investing your energy is sometimes doing less and not more. Until I come your way again, stay safe and work smart and not just hard.


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