Dealing With An Annoying Employee

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Welcome to the month of December. There is this feeling of relaxation that just comes with the month of December that you almost want to forget about work, work environment or even colleagues. You just want to relass and be taken kiaruf!

One of the beauties of a workplace is the diversity of personalities that you come across and must co-exist with. Trust me, work will be totally boring if everyone in a workplace behaves the same. The saying goes “Variety is the spice of life; that gives it all its flavour” but the twist to this is, we will find some people very annoying or overbearing; maybe by the way they talk, eat, attitude towards others among others. The thought of having to come to work and seeing this person almost makes you cringe, and you unconsciously find a feeling of resentment building in you towards this work colleague.

How then can we work effectively with an annoying colleague to avoid building resentment or retaliation that could lead penalties or embarrassments?

  1. Be intentional about your peace and happiness: As difficult as this may seem, it is the way to go. Never let the other person over power you and dispossess you of your peace and happiness. Develop a thick skin to bounce of every negative vibe that the work colleague is bringing to soil your mood and peace. Be the bigger person and stay calm.
  2. Be Kind to That Person: I am sure this is the last thing that you will want to be to this person, but two wrongs don’t make a right. The annoying or obnoxious person might be totally oblivious of their actions hurting or annoying you and even if they are aware, be kind to them. Correct them in love; you can call them aside and tell them what they do that hurts you. Do your best not to raise your voice as this will further aggravate the already existing tension and won’t make things any better.
  3. Surround Yourself with Positivity: Have words that energize and motivate your happiness. You can start with listening to some of your best tunes, writing quotes or even engaging colleagues who have a boisterous and positive energy so they can rub off on you. Positive and motivational words have a way of stirring us up and dousing every negative air around us.
  4. Laugh It Off: Try as much as possible to find humour in what is meant to annoy you. Soon, the overbearing person will begin to wonder as to why their negative energy isn’t getting you. You don’t have to make jest of the person but let your brain interpret humour with every annoying attitude and soon you will find this person ditching the annoying attitude or basically just staying away from you.
  5. Talk to the Human Resource Manager to address the person and the issue: When it seems like, you are beginning to dread coming to work because of that person or it is beginning to tell on your productivity and self-esteem, you should talk to your HR manager to address and deal with it for your own peace.

We can’t determine the people we work with or control their behaviour, but we can choose to control how we respond to them. Also be sure that you are not the trigger to that sour attitude and finally, don’t be the person with the sour attitude.

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  1. Donna Bahon
    December 3, 2020

    That’s cool. Being kind will surely help no matter what.

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