Of Quantity and Of Quality: Introducing the Productivity Blog

The battle between ‘Quantity’ and ‘Quality’ has remained a never-ending one. Would I rather have two heavy plates of rice with no meat or fish (animal protein) in it or would I rather have one regular plate of rice with one piece of meat or fish? I might have a full belly with the first choice but I might also feel much better eating the food with a piece of meat or fish in it even if it is a smaller quantity of food. People fall across either side of this divide depending on a number of factors which could among other things include their environment, upbringing, training, personal choices and general experience. This begs the big question: Would you rather enjoy ‘quality’ or ‘quantity’? 

Productivity is denominated usually by the quality of work done and not the quantity, hence I might spend ten hours on a task and achieve less than my colleague who spent two hours on the same task. It is simply a question of the value (quality) of work and not the time spent (quantity) on the task. Productivity remains a major issue in today’s workplace and an increasing number of people all over the world find themselves lacking in this area. When work becomes a routine and hardly fulfilling, it cannot be said to be productive.

This is our official welcome to the 21Search Blog a.k.a The Productivity Blog. This is the latest offering from the stables of 21Search, your foremost organization with a niche in manpower development, recruitment, standardization, training and certification. For as many Wednesdays as possible going forward, you would read tips on how you can improve your productivity in the workplace either as an employer or as an employee. You would read about real stories of real people who would bring their individual and collective experiences to bear via your computer or phone screens. You would find all the relevant information on organizational productivity – from the plans you can make to enable you to operate at your optimal best to steps you can take to manage issues at your workplace effectively.

Whether you are gainfully employed or still in search of a job, this weekly blog is just right for you, as it aims to provide insights, lessons, and tips on how you can equip yourself for your dream job and be of more value at your workplace. We can’t wait to take you on this ride. 

This week is Customer Service Week and what a great time it is for us to launch our new offering to you! In resonance with the theme of this year’s Customer Service Week, Dream Team, we pledge to remain that team that ensures your organization’s people, processes and systems are well primed for the level of productivity that makes you stand heads above shoulders above your contemporaries.

Please drop in next week as we talk about an interesting topic ‘Information Overload: When does Knowledge become too much?’ You don’t want to miss this. 

Welcome to the Productivity Blog!


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